Female Feet Simulation Model Soft Silicone Lifelike Foot


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  • Material: Silicone
  • For: Mannequin, Jewelry Display, Decoration, Photography, Collectibles, Gift, Prank
  • See the description for more details…

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Female Feet Simulation Model Soft Silicone Lifelike Foot

  • Skeleton version: The sole and ankle have built-in bones; the Palm of the foot and ankle cannot be bent and fixed.
    The toe has no built-in bone; the toe can be bent at will and cannot be fixed in position.
  • Toe bone version: Soles and ankles have built-in bones; feet Soles and ankles cannot be bent and held in place.
    Toes have built-in bone; toes can be bent and fixed.
  • Fully soft silicone version: The whole foot (Palm, toes, ankle) has no built-in bone. It can be bent but cannot be fixed in position.
    2 colors to choose from, if you have any questions welcome to consult, 24 hours for you to serve.
  • Please note: Any accessories shown are not included. Due to limitations of digital photography and different computer monitors, there may be slight color variations when you do an inspection of the product you receive. This is a normal phenomenon. grateful!


  • Made from new-type cyber skin (thermoplastic elastomer,soft and elastic, so realistic it looks or touches, so real that it may frighten you; also toxically and odor free, meet all relevant safety standards.The skin color is wheat.High quality non-toxic and soft silica gel material,the inner part of the silica gel is filled with macromolecule, the toe can be bendedfreely, the toe does have the support of skeleton .
  • Avoid wearing accessories of dark color or easily fade or put together with ink materials such as magazines, or otherwise it can be contaminated and hard to clean; Also avoid direct sunshine which can result in aging of material.
  • In the case that the item get dirty, clean it with detergent or shower gel and rinse it in mild water; after the item dried apply some talcum power evenly on the skin surface in order to care the item and generate a good touch feeling.
  • Preferred for display or photography of accessories such as jewelry, rings, clothes, sockings, gloves, Bracelets, Bangles and manicure art etc.(Jewelry not include), or as collectibles for art collectors. Product upgrades.


After you receive the goods, the following situations are normal and do not belong to quality problems.

  1. The material has slight smell, please contact us, we will send you the method to remove the smell.
  2. If there is white powder on the foot mold, this is to protect the foot. We coated with talcum powder, please wash it off with clean water when receiving the goods, and it will not affect the normal use after cleaning.
  3. Due to the different shooting pixels, such as mobile phones, cameras, lighting background, different devices, different scenes will produce different effects. There is almost no color difference.
  4. Our products are pure hand-crafted products, physical model 1:1 true restoration. If you see slight depression, minor defects, bubbles, slight colloid in toe seams, minor injuries, and the size of the foot model is smaller or larger than the mark after receiving the goods, please don’t get me wrong, this is the real appearance of the model’s foot and is not a quality problem, thank you!



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